#Our dog Molly, an eight year old spoodle, developed an auto immune disease three months ago which was so serious she needed two
blood transfusions and nearly died from internal blood loss. She was so sick that we all thought she would die. After a week in hospital
she came home but was so ill and thin and on a lot of medication which was messing with her appetite. We couldn't even tempt her with
bacon! We were getting desarate as she was rapidly losing weight and was very weak. I remembered she liked LOYAL K9 from the
Frenchs Forest Market, I got Craigs number and asked if I could come over and collect some and he so kindly offered to deliver that
same day! Molly sniffed at it and then ate a small platefull. Basically the first proper meal in about 10 days.
We think Craigs food saved Mollys life!! What a kind and lovely man he is to deliver it that day. We've been having it delivered weekly
ever since and Molly is as fit as a fiddle again! Still on some medication but improving every week. Our gorgeous Molly girl is going to be with us for many more years!!
Thanks to Craig and LOYAL K9.
Tracey,Chris, Alex, Joe and Molly
North Bridge

# Hi, I met you at Frenchs forest Markets on Sunday and you gave me a pet food sample for my new puppy.
I had given him some of the expensive dry food on Sunday morning that our Veterinarian recommended, he hardly touched it.
This morning I gave him some of your sample and he absolutely loved it.
He is like a new puppy this morning - all energetic and happy.
Thanks a lot.
Frenchs Forest

# I promised your wife I would put this together for you at the Pet and Animal Expo last November. I have finally done it. I thought it might be nice to have photos of the dogs that eat/use your products displayed if you go to another Expo.
I would really like to thank you for the lovely meals you make. Sure saves me a lot of time.
It is also nice to know there is great customer service around, as these days it seems pretty rare.
Thanks again.
Baulkham Hills

# Hi, my name is Emille and I am a 13 year old, 2.4kg Toy Poodle.
I am an epilectic and have pancreatitis and cannot eat regular dog food or dry food, even raw chicken or raw red meats can make me sick as my stomach and pancreas are very sensitive.
My mum used to cook for me - cut up all the vegatables, cook rice and chicken and chop it all up, mix it together and freeze it in containers for the week.
Then mum found Loyal K9. I have been eating Loyal K9's food now for 2 years.
I love it and mum loves not having to cook for me every week. I can personally recommend it to you, I know you will love it as much as I do, it tastes great.
Emille and Ann
Castle Hill

# Dear Craig,
Thank you for the food for Lucy, she's thriving on it.
Hope all is well with you and yours and your business.
Faithfully yours

# Loyal K9,
Thanks we are loving it !
Just a quick note my dogs are so happy the fat one has lost weight and the dogs farts have reduced.
Thanks again
Baulkham Hills

#Hi there
I just placed an order by PayPal.
Thanks for the free sample you gave me at the markets, it's the reason I'm ordering.
My cavoodle loved it and she's been fussy lately so living off dry food.
Really was looking for a great healthy nutritious option!
Many Thanks
Winston Hills

I took home one of your samples yesterday and the dog loved it!
So thanks very much I would like to order the medium pack at $40 per week delivered to my home.
Can I pay by credit card or direct debit?   
Let me know if thats ok and what day you deliver.

Would like to say that we have had a dramatic improvement in our 8 year old Irish Wolfhound since feeding your food.
He has suffered chronic skin and ear infections for several years, despite being on medication.
We have tried numerous dry foods designed for "skin problems" with no relief but since using LoyalK9 not only has his skin improved with healthy hair growing back, his overall well being has improved.
He is more spritely and a much happier dog.

I've been buying your food for my 10-year old labradoodle, Marley, for a few weeks now and it has completley cleared up her scratching/itching issue. I have to go back to the expensive kibble I have but even after 1 week she is scratching again. She really likes the taste of your food too so please can I put in a regular order of 7 x medium meals until further notice. I'll set up a repeating payment of $40 into your bank account on Mondays for delivery on Tuesday? ..........

I have just placed my second order with you. I purchased the same thing a bit over two weeks ago and was very happy with the product ;)

Thanks Craig!
Max loves the food - seems much better for his digestive system and healthier looking stools!! :)
St Leonards 

Hi Craig
I buy your food regularly at Frenchs Forest Markets and have great success with it.
I am feeding this to my golden retriever who just had a litter of 4 beautiful pups.
I will send a photo to you.
Will see you Sunday to stockup again.
Karin                             (((Please see photo of mum and her six day old pups above)))

Hi Craig I hope your well!!
I have moved to Kingscliff northern NSW thats why you haven't heard from us.
Since moving I have had my dogs on expensive dry food and they have started to get staining on their faces under eyes and feet,
the issue is they are show dogs and can't be stained..... it has to be the change in food....
Can I possibly get you to express post me some of your food I can't afford to have their coats wrecked thanks so much
Naomi ICMG, IFMG                            ((((Naomi and all her dogs have been a loyal LoyalK9 customer for over 4 years now))))
(International Certified
Master Groomer & Instructor)       

Thanks so much Craig!!
I got the food fine
Fingers crossed it helps with the staining!
Will let you know when I need more, thanks again.
Kind Regards
(International Certified
Master Groomer & Instructor)

Hi there,
We met you guys at Frenchs Forest markets today and sampled your food tonight with our 5 month old pup.
She loved it !
Thanks so much,

Thankyou Craig!
You don't know how relieved I was to see you this morning!              ((((I delivered our healthy pet food ))))
I am sure Ruby and Lucy will appreciate your visit too!
Thanks again

Hi Craig
I think I just went past you in the elevator with my dog!
Thankyou so much for delivering to work. Appreciate it.
I normally buy your product at Orange Grove markets but can't make it down this Saturday which is why I
requested delivery to my work. 
I tried feeding my pup another brand of food which gave her diahhorea and vomitting,
which is why i had to go back to LoyalK9.

My dog was in trouble for bounding past someone on the street and knocking them to the side and
the council rangers came around to chat to me about him and what was going on.
Before they even walked in the door, they checked out the 'signs' that there was a dog here being looked after.
One of the clearest was that LoyalK9 food was being delivered.
The ranger said that "it was a clear sign that the dog was cared for, if I was purchasing such a high quality food on a regular basis"
Sure, the fact that he was well trained and well behaved was another factor, but it was interesting that rangers can pick the relationship between a dog and it's owner based on the food provided